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When it comes to your next kitchen renovations in Bellambi, you should think about Artworx Bathrooms and Kitchens. We are based out in Sydney and are kitchen renovation experts, who will help you upgrade your kitchen with quality construction. The kitchen is quite possibly one of the main rooms in your house, and we strive to get your job done perfectly at the first time itself. We listen to your design ideas and tailor a kitchen renovation plan to suit your budget, kitchen requirements and lifestyle to get your kitchens designed and organised in such a way that it helps you ease into cooking and help you cook some delicious meals. We see to it that you are provided with the latest models and trends that you can install during your kitchen renovations in Bellambi.

Providing you with some unique kitchen renovation ideas for your homes in Bellambi:

Kitchen renovation

1. Get yourself some sink accessories

Other than faucets numerous additional items can be combined to the sink area for beautiful looking renovations such as:

Rinse racks and colanders: Rather than being isolated elements that hang from racks or are placed in the cupboards these accommodations are moulded to fit perfectly into the prep sinks and just should be removed for cleaning purposes.

Cutting Boards: Once can use either or both- wood and plastic cutting boards, that are made to fit the sink area.



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Water Filtration Systems: These inline and separate frameworks keep up water pure, removing all the rust, corrosives and lead. More modest filters can fit inside faucets themselves and be used for drinking water use only.

Waste Disposals: New models have better crushing capabilities alongside more prominent protections against injury and foreign items blocking its mechanism.

Hot Water Dispensers: These have been famous for as far back as twenty years. An energy-saving gadget they provide hot water for hot beverages when required.

Pot Fillers: These are incredible new accommodation for enormous pots that never fit in the standard sinks. They are usually mounted on the backsplash placed behind the stove and they either telescope or expand out to add water to sauces and soups.

Customise your crockery unit during your renovations-

  • Having a custom-built crockery unit is an incredible way to flawlessly combine your storage space into a current design scheme.
  • It permits you to have much better authority on the number and style of divisions, racking and drawers it may have.
  • Make your own decision regarding the material, shading, finish, handles and additional fittings to be used for your crockery unit.

Get a Particle Board Kitchen Cabinet installed for better storage during renovations-

  • Particleboard, which is also prominently called chipboard, is produced using a blend of many waste materials like planer shavings, offcuts or sawdust, and wood chips.
  • Particleboard is sensibly priced and functions admirably for interior projects like appending them to cabinet door pivots to the sides of frameless cabinets.

The ideal size to have for your kitchen island bench during renovations-

Our kitchen design specialists suggest the following format and design tips:

  • Having an open space of a minimum of 90-120 cm.
  • If your Kitchen area is less than 4 metres wide, it is better not to go with a kitchen island bench.
  • The ideal size should be about 90cm and no less than 65cm wide.
  • An Optimum size of 120cm could provide space for two sets of cabinets. This also allows you to have a breakfast bar on one side with one set of the cabinet.
  • When considering the ideal size of your kitchen island bench, recall not to obstruct the functional triangle – avoid hindrance to your workflow area between the sink, stove, and fridge.

Benchtops materials that you can choose from for your kitchen renovations-


  • Laminate is a man-made product that is made from layers of paper over a ply or MDF board or chipboard.
  • They are the budget option kings for benchtop renovations!
  • They are now available in multiple colours and finishes to suit just about any kitchen style.
  • They are extremely durable to scratching and can tolerate heat briefly.


  • They are becoming popular for their eco-friendly nature and rustic appearance.
  • They can be easily repaired and have a soft surface to place items onto.
  • For finishing oil or polyurethane is used to protect the surface.

Stainless Steel

  • They are the best choice for gourmet-style kitchen renovations.
  • They are hygienic, durable and are heat and stain-resistant. They are usually wrapped around benchtop edges to provide a seamless edge on your kitchen benchtop.
  • They are an expensive option for renovations but can prove to be a highly reliable and durable kitchen benchtop option.

Marbles can provide extraordinary flooring during kitchen renovations-

  • Marbles add that elegant touch to your floors.
  • They add a feeling of classiness to your space.
  • One can differentiate their countertops using plain marbles.
  • The overall look can be enchanting, eclectic, and very pleasing to the eyes.

Wood-finish Tiles for Eco-Friendly Flooring

  • They can be an ideal choice especially since they are quite economical.
  • They are quite durable and make use of environmentally friendly materials.

For the best flooring style, try to match your kitchen theme with your entire home during renovations:

  • This factor likewise requires consideration to be given to the stylistic layout and décor themes that are subjected completely to be on a similar line.
  • Thus, while buying your kitchen tiles, remember what theme you have embraced for the remainder of your home and make your buy by keeping them as an indicator.
  • This can help your kitchens feel like the same part of your home and not look like something that is out of place.

Having your kitchens done with some beautiful renovations can add to the charm of your home. Reach out to us on 02 8376 1010 to get a free quote and queries cleared for your kitchen renovations in Bellambi. One can visit our website or showroom at Unit 2/13 Samantha Place, Smeaton Grange, NSW 2567 and check out some of our recent projects and quality products that we can help you install for your beautiful kitchens in Bellambi.


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Jackie Burnett
Jackie Burnett
The experience from beginning to end could not have been more pleasurable. The entire team were very professional, courteous and polite. We were able to benefit from the teams experience which made selecting finishes and fittings so much easier. Would happily recommend Artworx to anyone renovating a bathroom or kitchen.
tony strong
tony strong
We could not rate this business and all their guys highly enough-from the initial ensuite design stage right through to the replacement of a light switch, they all ensured that everything was done correctly. The demolition, tiling and fit-out was first class with their attention to detail, and final clean-up. Always professional but friendly and courteous they were keen to ensure that we were 100% satisfied with the completion of each stage. Well done and thank you Artworx.
AAom K
AAom K
The ultimate in renovations. I have just had artworx renovate my entire kitchen / main Bathroom and Ensuite. Michael and Peter inspected my property and listened to what I wanted without pushing me down a path I didn’t want to go. In saying that they did offer there experience and some recommendations that I took on board. In the end it was a mix of what my wife and I wanted and the expertise of artworx that created our forever home. They started on the exact date they said and finished ahead of schedule which I was pleasantly surprised. The quality of work and fixtures were top notch. Thankyou so much for a very easy and smooth renovation. Cheers to the Team Michael/ Peter / Simon / Joseph and Steve.
Bridget Jeffrey
Bridget Jeffrey
Fantastic to work with from start to finish, Michael and the boys would always go out of their way to make sure we were happy with the work and Peter help us design and create the perfect bathroom and laundry within our budget.
kerry Searle
kerry Searle
A big thank you to Peter, Michael and all your team, you did a great job on our ensuite renovation, we are really happy with the end result, your commencement date and completion time frame was all on schedule. Would definitely recommend them to anyone wanting a bathroom renovation.
Avon Walker
Avon Walker
Can not recommend these guys enough! Peter was great and worked with my budget. I LOVE my new bathroom it is exactly as I envisioned. The project was finished in the expected timeframe. Contractors were reliable and respectful and left my property clean! Michael (the owner) and Steve were professional, reliable and efficient. The whole team went above and beyond exceeding my expectations. Had a little issue after the renovation to do with the plumbing the team was efficient on my doorstep the next day to resolve, ended up having nothing to do with their work but existing plumbing issues. Very impressed with the customer service. The Artworx team was a pleasure to deal with and I will be using this company for any future renos..
Joan Leggett
Joan Leggett
Having dealt with Peter in the main office, he gave us plenty of confidence to go ahead with the job. Michael was also most helpful. He ran the job. They did three bathrooms and our kitchen and we're absolutely thrilled with the result. Would recommend this company very highly. Michael also has a great sense of humor and nothing was too much trouble to be achieved. 10/10. If you are looking to do your bathroom or kitchen talk to these guys and you'll be happy with the result.
Ibrahim Massri
Ibrahim Massri
Done an amazing job renovating my bathroom's.
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